Nishca Smith

welcome to my personal blog

About Me

Hi! I’m Nishca. From the day I could comprehensively make use of words, writing became a passion of mine. Although I’ve chosen to follow a science-related career (Biotechnology), and I’m now in my last year of college, my love for being able to express my thoughts, feeling and imagination through the beauty of words has never faded.

As a person who enjoys learning and exploring the vast information and creativity that this world has to offer, I like testing my capabilities in different areas and do not believe in placing limitations on my achievements. I enjoy being able to share with and learn from a diversity of people, which is why I’ve created this blog.

It’s not only a space where I share different contents, but I hope for it to also be a platform, where readers will feel free to give honest opinions and share knowledge of their own. This blog is intended to form an online community that thinks outside barriers… a community that promotes growth and positivity in all areas of life.