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“Love the skin you’re in”

I always prioritize taking really good care of my skin, as having it healthy and glowing gives me so much more confidence. As someone who has oily, sensitive skin, I’m always super cautious with the products I use, and I prefer to stick to the few that I’ve found to work really well with my skin type. If you’re struggling with blemishes, stubborn zits, or just looking for some new healthy skincare products to add to your collection, keep reading.

Disclaimer: No product mentioned in this post has been sponsored.

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Begin by selecting a good cleanser

I’ve tried multiple cleansers over the years, and I always seem to come back to using the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. As the name suggests, it’s very gentle on my skin, and doesn’t leave it feeling stripped of moisture. If I’m looking for a deeper cleanse, I go for the Garnier SkinActive Ultra Clean 3-in-1 Cleanser. The best thing about this cleanser, is that it can also be used as a scrub or mask. Neither of these products leave my skin feeling irritated or dry, so I would definitely recommend to anyone with sensitive and/or oily skin.

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I get a few pimples now and then, usually around that time of the month. My face tends to get super oily, which increases the chance of clogging my pores. The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay has been a holy grail of mine for years, as it seriously does a good job of cleaning and also minimizing my pores. On a regular, I’ll use it once a week, but if I’m going through a bad skin phase, I’ll use it 2-3 times per week, which really helps in getting rid of my blemishes or pimples.  I usually buy mine from Amazon, but it can also be bought at beauty supply stores.

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Balance your skin’s pH after cleansing

Toning has made such a major difference in my facial care, as it not only balances the natural pH of the skin, but also leaves it with a cool and fresh feeling. After adding a toner to my daily routine, I started noticing more evenness in my skin-tone, over a period of time. My favourite toners to use are  Thayer’s  Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera (which I’m currently out of),  Leven Rose 100% pure and organic rose water and The Body Shop Aloe Vera Calming toner. I usually alternate using these toners throughout the week.

Reminder: “skincare” doesn’t only apply to your face

Skincare is promoted so much for the face, that it sometimes seem that the rest of the body has been forgotten. For me, skincare entails taking care of my entire body, not just the parts that are regularly exposed.

Body wash 

As with my face, I like to keep the products I use on the rest of my body simple and as natural as possible. I recently came across this body wash in Walmart, and if you know me well, then you must know why I just had to have it….Avocado!!! I love anything that has avocado as a main ingredient, and the avocado in this body wash happens to be 100% cold pressed; and, as if that wasn’t good enough, the icing on the cake is that it doesn’t contain silicone, sulfates or parabens, which is a major plus for me.  It has a subtle, fresh scent, which I prefer for all my products.

Body scrub

I usually use an exfoliating body brush, but recently started using the Coconut & Hibiscus Illuminating Hand & Body Scrub, from Shea Moisture. It’s not as abrasive, as I’ve found with a lot of other physical exfoliant, and literally melts into my skin; leaving it with a soft and smooth feeling. I especially enjoy using this on my legs and feet. Exfoliation basically removes your dead skin cells, revealing healthier cells. Adding an exfoliating product to my skincare, has not only allowed my skin to feel silky smooth, but has also improved its natural glow. I’ve found that my moisturizers also do a better job when my skin has been exfoliated prior to their application.


When it comes to purchasing skincare products, I’m the most picky with my moisturizers, as it’s taken a long time to find ones that I feel work well with my skin. I started trying out products from The Abnormal Beauty Company a few months ago, and their Natural Moisturizing Factor quickly became a favourite of mine. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and does not have an oily formulation. It leaves my skin with the right amount of moisture.

I always (always!) include SPF in my morning skincare routine during the summer, and I try to use ones with at least an SPF of 30. I’ve been using the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Pure Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer since the beginning of Spring. Although it takes some effort to fully apply a good amount to my neck and face, it does not leave much of a white looking layer on my skin, which I’ve found with many mineral-based sunscreens that I’ve tried. Also, most of the sunscreens I’ve previously tried made my face very oily after a few hours of wearing, but this one gives a kind of matte feeling that I like.


I’m big on using oils on my skin and hair. Although the health benefits of Moringa is widely known and talked about, I had never tried it topically. I’m proud to say that Self Care @ Tiphanie’s (a company owned by my brilliant sister), launched a 100% pure Moringa oil product that I’m absolutely addicted to. I use this product every night as a part of my skincare routine. It’s not a heavy oil, so does not clog my pores, and leaves my face feeling super soft and having a healthy glow. There are numerous benefits to Moringa oil, such as its anti-aging properties and effectiveness in naturally replenishing the skin’s moisture. This product has topped both of my usual go-to oils, which are the 100% Cold Pressed Marula oil from The Abnormal Company, and Organic Extra Virgin Rosehip oil from Essential Oils Labs.

The good stuff 😍

Hands down the best 100% natural body butter I have used on my skin! This handmade Whipped Moringa Butter from Self Care @ Tiphanie’s has given my skin a whole new level of smoothness and moisture. It has that slight foamy texture expected from a nicely whipped butter, which I love, and does not leave my skin feeling oily, at all. I use it both in the mornings and nights. I definitely don’t see myself going back to using any other product for moisturizing my body. A plus for this product is that it can also be used as a hair moisturizer, which I take advantage of once per week, on my wash days.

Silky smooth

Developing a suitable skincare regimen can be quite a hassle, but taking really good care of my skin has now become second nature, because I’ve found products that give the results I’m expecting.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products, and feel free to make some suggestions👇…and always remember, healthy skin starts from within!

Until next time, xoxo