My first natural hair post 💭

This is what my hair normally looks like, after a week of being windblown and rained on… Big, frizzy, and in need of some TLC…but I love it! I get asked alot how I got my hair to grow so fast in just two years. There’re no tricks or shortcuts… Well, at least none that I’ve discovered. Keep reading, if you’re interested in knowing nine things I’ve found to be helpful in growing healthy hair.

👉Consistency – Developing a proper haircare regimen and being consistent about it, is major key in growing healthy hair. Don’t expect your hair to flourish, if you’re not even taking the time to look after it. No matter how tired or lazy I’m feeling, I always reserve one day out of the week (usually Saturdays) to do my full haircare routine.

👉 Healthy diet- Yes, what you put inside, really does reflect on the outside. A well rounded diet is a necessity for our overall health. I’ve found that changing my diet for the better (I only now cheat with junk food once/twice a week), has really improved my health, which has played a significant part in increasing hair growth and length retention.

👉Quality over quantity – When I first went back to being natural, I was very excited to try tons of the popular hair products so many YouTubers were crazed about. However, after trying out a few, I soon began to stick to those that I found to work great for my hair. It’s not about the amount of products you put in your hair, nor the brand of the product, but rather, it’s about how well the product will work…and remember, don’t fall for the branded hype!

👉Deep condition, Deep condition!! – I’m sure you’ve heard this alot of times but really, deep conditioning on a consistent basis makes a huuge difference! I personally deep condition once a week, and have found that my hair is so much more manageable, and also healthier. Your ends are the oldest and often, driest part of your hair. If you have kinky/curly hair, it’s very difficult for the natural oils to move from your scalp, and down the length of your hair. Everyone’s hair grows, retaining the length is the problem. Deep conditioning and paying extra attention to your ends when it comes to moisturizing, really promotes length retention. However, don’t forget that balance is key. Our hair can also get damaged from being too moisturized. I try to do a protein treatment every other week, so as to help in strengthening my hair.

👉Regimen /Routine – Find a regimen or routine that works for you. Don’t be afraid of playing around with different ways of taking care of your hair. Often, what works for one person, doesn’t work for the other. For example, the way you moisturize/style your hair. While the L.O.C (Liquid, Oil, Cream) method works for many, I’ve found that my hair favours the LCO method. Find what works best for you.

👉Minimal use of heat- Heat damage is probably one of the worst setbacks when trying to grow healthy hair. When I started transitioning, I cut out the use of heat. Since I’ve been completely natural, I’ve only straightened my hair once, and I honestly do not plan on repeating that any time soon… Curls are more fun! I also rarely use a blow drier to dry my hair (I like to air dry). Constantly using heat in your hair, especially without any heat protectant, can literally fry your hair (yikes!). So, try to stay away from heat as much as possible.

👉Trimming- I have mixed feelings when it comes to this. Sure, trimming split ends and dead ends promotes healthy, thriving hair… But I’m not keen on doing regular trims. Some people’s hair grows longer from doing regular trims. I trim my hair when I feel like it’s needed. For the 2 years that I’ve been natural, I’ve only trimmed my hair a total of 4 times (twice a year). My hair is healthy and I’m retaining length, so I’ll continue to do that, unless I feel like I need to be doing it more often🤷

👉Patience – This is the most challenging key I’ve faced so far in my natural hair journey, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. I’m on a journey to having much bigger, longer, and healthier hair, but I’m no longer impatient. When I look back at old pictures of when I first big chopped, I’m amazed at how much my hair has grown. I always knew my permed hair grew fairly fast, but I had no idea what to expect of my natural hair, as I’d had a perm since I was 13. If you’re feeling impatient, take it from me, your hair will grow, and as long as you’re taking good care of it, you’ll be able to retain length. Let’s enjoy the process🙂

❌No comparisons – To me, this is the most important key, not only when it comes to my hair, but in all parts of life. Comparison is often the killer of happiness. In regards to hair, I’ve seen so many individuals self discriminate or make negative comments about their hair, just because they believe someone else’s is the ideal definition of “beautiful”. Society, social media in particular, has brainwashed our perspectives on beauty in such a frightening way. In the natural hair community, I’ve seen so much discrimination and controversies when it comes to hair typing. Personally, I do not believe in, nor do I promote this hair typing system. Why does everything have to be categorized? The best thing we can do for ourselves is to accept and embrace our unique features. Self love is truly the best kind of love there is! And, if we don’t accept and love ourselves, who will? Be authentic, and rock your God given features proudly, no matter who doesn’t approve!

If you’ve read this for, thanks a bunch, and I hope at least one of my tips helps in your hair journey. Feel free to comment some tips of your own. Until next time…❤