“Speak all you want, but the actions you take often equate to your true character hidden within”

Although Sundays can often be a prickling reminder that the weekend’s gone, and a new week of being over-caffeinated and on the go begins, it’s now my favourite day (Friday’s taken a year’s vacation, given that I now spend 12 hours working my night away in a lab).  I like to think of Sundays as my “Me day”, where I just completely focus on refreshing and preparing myself for the week. This regularly entails sleeping in a little later than usual, re-evaluating and getting my thoughts together, planning my days ahead, and just giving myself a complete day of pampering. I think it’s important for us all to at least have that one day, where we completely focus on being in our own groove, and being fully indulgent in self-care.

I often express this to my family, and although they understand, they’ll mostly say “we don’t have the time for that”.  I totally understand that some people are busier and have more responsibilities than others, but think about it… How can we optimize our potentials if we don’t take the time to feed, not only our bodies, but our minds and souls? If you’re constantly feeling tired (no matter the amount of sleep you get),  think of the last time you took, not even a day, but at least a few hours to refresh yourself spiritually and mentally.

When was the last time you cleared your mind of thoughts such as the workload you have that’s due, bills that need to be paid, people that need to be taken care of, and just simply focused on your own aura?  We can get so caught up in all these responsibilities, that many of use forget or neglect to take care of what matters the most…our well-being.  I’ve found that by developing this routine into my Sundays, I’m way more positive, pumped and ready to take on the week.


Sleep and I seem to have somewhat developed a love-hate relationship. I love sleeping, but at the same time, I often find myself fighting against it- just to get a few more things done, or simply because my mind starts going all over the place and takes a long while to catch the drift. I’m an early riser, so on average I probably get about 5 hours of sleep each night. It’s a bad habit I’m still training to break. Sundays are where I usually allow myself to sleep in for long hours (now that I don’t have the alarm of my mom’s voice waking me up to hurry and get ready for church).  So, after having a late Saturday night, I tend to sleep in until I uninterruptedly start to awaken from my comatose state, which is usually around 9/10 AM. I think this definitely sets the tone for having a relaxed and calm Sunday.


Some mornings I’m left rushing out the door with a half-eaten granola, a banana or even nothing in hand, simply because I stubbornly didn’t prep my breakfast, or didn’t wake up in time to make anything. Yeah, it’s totally unhealthy, but I’m slowly getting more strict with meal prepping, so hopefully those mornings will be a thing of the past soon. During the week, when I don’t give into the laziness of buying a sesame bagel with butter from Tim Horton’s, I tend to make a heavy meal. For Sunday’s however, I like keeping my breakfast light and simple; so I mostly end up making my favourite- mashed avocado and toasts, along with some mint/ginger tea.

Internalization & Meditation 

“Courage comes to those who act, not to those that think, wait and wonder”

I’m naturally one of those persons that will think something through at least 10 times before doing it. Though I find this beneficial at times, it’s annoying, especially when I think myself out of doing something I may have really wanted to do. I see overthinking and doubt somewhat like overprotective parents, they mean you good, but will often hold you back if you give into their every wishes. “Do you really want to do this? But what will happen if you do it? What if it doesn’t go the way you’ve planned? Is it the right time? Is it even a good idea? Okay, do it…but then again..” If you’ve done this even once, then you know how frustrating and stifling it can be. Over the years, I’ve found that, as I become more in-tune with my body, soul, and the universe, my tendency to overthink or doubt things continues to be less of a problem. I’ve slowly developed a more “just do it” attitude when it comes to things that will ultimately be beneficial. Though I try to have moments throughout the weekdays, where I focus on self internalization, my Sundays are especially reserved for this. It’s just me and my thoughts, and I get to fully declutter my mind after a long, hectic week. I focus on how I’ve been feeling, emotionally and mentally, and if there’s anything that I haven’t been feeling well about, I’ll evaluate why and what to do about it. I also spend some time to write down my thoughts, and anything I feel the need to. By the time I’m done, my mind always feels completely refreshed and at ease, and I’m left super positive and motivated to get things done.

Pamper Time!

I’ve always had a day where I indulge in giving myself a full on “spa day”. Not a single week goes by where I don’t do this, as I find it to be a major step in my self-care routine. I can’t stand my hair being dry, my skin feeling like it’s in urgent need of deep exfoliation, or my nails being shamefully uneven, with chipped nail polish. Taking the time to do these simple things really help in boosting my confidence and overall mood. So, after I’ve taken care of myself internally, I turn my music up high, shamelessly dance along, and set the mood to get into some pampering.

After a good hour…. Hair’s washed & body’s scrubbed…two of the most therapeutic things, if you ask me. 

For my face, I mostly just exfoliate and put a face mask on for a few minutes. I exfoliate about 2-3 times for the week, but I’m usually either too lazy or tired to do a mask during the weekdays. Clay masks work the best for my skin, and lately I’ve (inconsistently) been using one I purchased a while back from Vanity Planet…it’s pretty good, but I’m sure the results would be better if I used it regularly. I also like to treat my teeth with activated charcoal, as it’s a great natural method of whitening them.

Dinner & a movie

It’s usually somewhere around 5/6 PM when I’m done, so I’ll either reheat left overs from the previous night, or make a quick, filling meal. I love a good stir fry, so that’s typically my go to meal on the weekends. Once that’s ready, I get cozy in bed with a filled plate and a movie I’ve probably re-watched 9 times. In the few hours before heading off to bed, I’ll finish any school work I’d neglected, and make a schedule for the week… meanwhile digging a spoon into a tub of cookies & cream ice-cream😋.

What do your Sundays look like? Which day do you take to completely focus on yourself?  Comment below, and let me know 🙂 Thanks for reading, and have an awesome week!