4:33 AM

Some mornings I’m up this early excitedly, nervously, and eagerly thinking about the endless possibilities, the choices that lay before/ahead of me, and the strategies I must implement to get to my ultimate goals. Can a path be so clear, yet contradictorily hazy at the same time? I know what I want, and I feel like I’m finding my purpose… Yet the current crossroads I’m at have temporarily seized my practicality. It’s not because I don’t know which road to choose, that much is clear. It’s because looking in one direction, I see a clear map drawn out- one with stability, safety and a traditionally written guideline to what most people would deem as success.

Looking at that road gives me a sense of comfort, but the overpowering nag of my soul’s calling has me positioning towards a path that seems to not yet exist… Where I can clearly see the dreams of my heart’s desire– but I also see inevitable moments of utter uncertainty, loneliness, massive decisions, difficult choices, loss, judgement, and periods of undesirable lessons.

Will this deter me from taking the road I know is meant to be my journey? Will the fear of such uncertainty make me cower away and slug along the smoothly paved road? Absolutely not… Mediocrity isn’t an option in my cards, however momentarily tempting the prospect of a safe zone may be. I simply refuse to settle for things I have no true passion for. It’ll take 10x the discipline and dedication, but it will no doubt be 100% worth it. So, it’s time to pull the plug on this stupid excuse of mental preparation, and move towards the road I’ll ultimately enjoy paving on my own.