It’s been a while since I last posted, and quite a lot has happened since then. We’re now more than halfway through 2019, and I’m reflecting on all that has happened thus far. Although I’m excited for all the new content I have planned, I thought I’d start off by sharing some things that have happened since the beginning of the year.

A random picture of a Cherry Blossom tree in my old neighborhood

After two years of living in my “college home”, as I like to call it, I finally decided to move (a birthday gift to myself). It took me about 2 weeks to get everything packed, and I ended up throwing/giving away a lot of things I didn’t even realize I’d accumulated in just those couple of years (I’ll definitely be practicing minimalism from now on!). On the morning of my birthday (June 1st๐ŸŽ‰), I was up by 2 AM, eagerly packing the last of my belongings, with the excitement of moving into my new space. I’m still settling in and slowly designing,  but I’m glad I made the decision to move. I was starting to feel weary, and found that the space I was previously in, though it served me very well for those two years, was sort of draining my energy (mainly due to a lack of natural light, I think). 

The view of the sunset from my new bedroom is amazing!

Temporary road block before the gown

After committing almost four years to my college studies, I finally graduated (with honours, whoop)! Completing this milestone was a super proud moment for me, and I felt overwhelmingly blessed and grateful on this day; especially because my dad, along with my sister and nephew, were there to cheer me on. My final semester was an absolute pain, which was made worse after finding out more than half-way through (on the night after taking my graduation pics) that I’d been missing a Stats course from my schedule, and would not be allowed to graduate without completing it. I was devastated by this unexpected news, but after the water-works finally subsided, I determinedly went to my academic adviser and begged for a solution, because not graduating as scheduled wasn’t an option for me. I was luckily allowed to book a prior learning assessment, even though I had never taken a Statistics course before.

Along with the final exams I had to study for, I then had an entire new course to learn in less than a month. My stress level was through the roof. The day of the exam was like an outer body experience for me. I showed up, but my mind was just not there. I was shocked when I got the news that I’d passed the course, as I’d obsessively reviewed all the questions I was sure I answered wrong, and for the four days that I waited for the update, I continuously calculated my grade, based on these questions I felt I’d answered incorrectly….and it wasn’t giving me much hope. My brain felt so fried by the end, that when I learnt I’d passed the course, all I could do was exhale and send a silent “thank you” above. A reminder to those of you still in college: don’t rely on the system to upload all your courses,  get an academic course route or see your academic adviser to ensure you’re on track. This was a major lesson for me, to be more alert when it comes to things like this.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I don’t see myself stepping through another college door in the near future (if ever). I came to Canada, timid and anxious as I was, with a plan in mind, and now seeing a major part of that come to fruition, has reignited my drive to accomplish the greater goals I’ve been planning.

June 11, 2019
I heard blondes have more fun…let’s test the theory

I finally gave into getting my hair highlighted. I’ve wanted to do something different for about a year now, and after researching numerous hair salons, I booked a consultation with The Curl Ambassadors . I’m planning to go lighter, but they’ll be doing it in stages to minimize damage. I was a bit unsure of going with the blonde, but I’m so glad I did, because I love it! 

All for now

I’ve had some other random things that have taken place, but I think I’ll stop here with the main things I wanted to share with you.  Overall, I’d say this year has been good to me so far (*knocks on wood), and I’m looking forward for what’s to come.

I’d love to hear how your year’s been so far!! Share freely in the comments.

Be back soon…xoxo