“Many people desire greatness, but only few are willing to give what it takes to get there.”

   Consider a few individuals, who’s success has made society view them as role models, moguls  or “goals”.  We all see the glitz and glamour, but only few know all the road blocks, struggle and disappointment that came before. I often hear people comment on someone’s success, deeming it as good luck. Do you believe in luck? I personally don’t. I believe that whatever manifests from the level of commitment and effort we put into our craft, is what’s reflected as “luck ” to the outside. Think about where you are right now on your journey to success. Is it luck, or is it due to the actions you’ve taken (or not yet taken) to get there? What have you sacrificed- or not sacrificed- to get where you are right at this moment?

When we take on a new venture, such as a work project or even something that seems like a simple lifestyle change, many of us often underestimate what it will take for us to get successful results. Before executing the plan, our idea or expectation of how much time and effort will have to be put into the task is sometimes significantly less than in actuality. This often leads to disappointment and frustration when things don’t go as planned, and many end up abandoning what they set out to do. If or when this happens, I think we need to go back to the drawing board and create a  greater strategy of approach. Before we go any further, I’d like to ask… What is your definition of success? Looking at something I’ve created or accomplished, and feeling completely content with the results- that’s my definition of success. Success comes in many different forms; what may be considered a success to one person, might be seen as the opposite to another…perspectives, right?  Either way, I think that if you manage to accomplish whatever goal it is you set for yourself, no matter how large or small it may be, that in itself is a success.

With every elevation of goals, there’s a different amount of effort and execution needed. For example, the same amount of effort put into making $500, will not suffice for making $50,000. I think that some people often fall for the trap of thinking that, “If I did this and it worked, well it should continue working.” Sure, whatever strategy you used to succeed at something at one level may have worked, but that’ll have to be tweaked if you plan on upping your level of accomplishment. Now, am I just talking based on my theoretical perspectives on the matter? Hmm, I’d like to think not.  Although I’m just a bit ahead of the starting line on my journey to accomplishing my major goals, I know that where I am right now is in direct relation to the decisions made and actions I’ve taken thus far. Looking back on my first year of living in Canada (2015), I’m always left humbled and in awe of just how much of a difference a change in strategy and mindset can do. I’ve moved from being totally dependent on my parents and living with a relative, to living in a new city on my own and landing a good part-time job that’s related to my field (thanks co-op!), while still being in school. It’s almost unbelievable to myself how much I’ve grown in all areas of my life, over these last three years. While other factors have undoubtedly contributed to this growth, a huge part is due to the amount of faith, persistence, sacrifice and smart work I’ve put in.

What has it taken for me to get here? What will it take for me to get to the next level? I think we all should consider such questions, and work on including or removing elements that will determine how well we succeed at future plans. Now, I’d like to share a few  strategies/rules I’ve set for myself over the past few years-and some recently- that have been tremendously essential to achieving my goals:


~Thorough planning: When it came to planning, I used to be more of a go-with-the-flow kind of person. However, I thankfully realized that though the concept of going with the flow is nice to indulge in at times, it doesn’t make for a good success strategy. It took some real effort and self discipline but, I made the decision that whatever work I have to get done, or idea I have to execute, I’d always take the time to thoroughly plan for it : how I envision it to go, what to expect or not expect, and how to make sure I’ll be putting in the right kind of work to make it successful. However, I’m also cautious not to over-think things, as it sometimes leads to procrastination.

~Stay on schedule: I’ve recently started trying to plan my days ahead of time, as I’ve found that I get more work done this way. Some Sundays I’ll take the time to plan what work or tasks I need to get done, at least up to Wednesday. Other times I just plan for each day the night before. I keep all my errands and tasks in a planner, and cross them off as I go. I try my best to not skip anything I’d planned to get done, and feel completely pleased with myself at the end of the day when I manage to do this. Keeping a daily schedule has honestly made me significantly more organized and ready to maximize my day.

~ Be deaf to the pessimists:  If it’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that, it’s crucial to dismiss or ignore the negative, pessimistic comments you may get from people. While I welcome constructive criticism, I make no room or time for negativity. The worst kind of people to be around are those who always find a problem for every solution given, those who are quick to discriminate or devalue your ideas. If you know what you want and what you plan to accomplish, its necessary not to allow these kind of people to affect your progression. In moments of vulnerability or confusion, its especially likely for mean comments or discouragement from others to get you down. I try my best to avoid people with toxic attitudes and behaviours, and try to surround myself with positivity and good vibes on a daily basis.

~Ignore the laziness: I’m sure we’ve all had days where we just feel like sleeping in or being completely unproductive…if you haven’t, kudos to you! There are mornings where I hit the snooze button so many times, I end up getting out of bed hours past the time I’d intended on. I find that when I do this, it’s like my entire day stays out if sorts, and I barely get anything done. To avoid this, I make sure that as soon as I hear my alarm go off each morning, I quickly jump out of bed..literally. It’s a bit of shock to my body, but it works. I’m trying to become dedicated to waking up at 5:30 AM each morning, but I still have some self discipline to do.

~Get over it: Things aren’t always going to go as planned, it’s just apart of life. It took me a while to train myself on this one, as I’m a bit OCD when it comes to getting things done like I envision. Now that I’ve somewhat accepted this, I find that when things are out of sorts or turning out differently from how I’d planned, my anxiety is much lower and I’m able to plan a different approach to the situation. On the way up, there will undoubtedly be road blocks and even huge mountains…what matters is how we get through or over them. Although I’m still in the mindset of “failure isn’t an option”, I also know that sometimes it’s inevitable. Do you know the saying “success is failure repeated until it works”? Well, I think that might also be true.

~ Avoid/ Dismiss FOMO: When you’re busy working towards your goals, sometimes the fear of missing out can sneak up on you; whether it be from seeing all the random “living my best life” posts on social media, or from having to refuse invitations for an outing. Even if you know whatever it is isn’t your cup of tea, the fact that you’re working while others seem to be “turning up” and having a good time, somehow brings some anxiety and questioning as to whether or not you are in fact, missing out on something. I’m naturally a more lounge at home with my books and series type of person, so this rarely ever happens to me,,,but when it does, I used to get into the funk of it for a good while. I found that this would sometimes affect my level of enthusiasm for whatever work I’d be doing, which in turn affected my focus. I’d question if I’m being too hard on myself and whether I needed to relax and  go to these events my other friends or acquaintance were constantly going to on weekends. To avoid or dismiss this feeling, I made a rule of doing more outdoor activities that I enjoy, at least once a week… I’m still trying to commit to that, as I tend to give in and spend most of my free time at home. Now, whenever I do get the feeling, I simply ignore or dismiss it, as I know for sure that there’s absolutely nothing I’m missing out on when I’m working towards having a better lifestyle. I recently discussed this with a friend, who was going through this unpleasant feeling, and I asked, “would you rather be going out a lot and not working, or smiling when you look at your accomplishments and bank account?”  Yes, it’s necessary to relax and enjoy life, but I think we should be wise enough to know when to miss out on something fleeting, in order to attain long-term desires.


Now that you know some of my success strategies, how about you comment below with some of your own? I’d like to make this a more informational platform, where we can all learn something from each other. Thanks for reading, and keep on pushing…success is yours for the taking 🙂