” This is Jamaica, my Jamaica. The land of my birth”

After almost 2 years of being homesick, I finally took the time to go back home. Travelling to, and being able to live in another country is such a blessing and a wonderful experience; but as the years go by, I realize more and more that the place I feel the purest of happiness is home, around my family. Two weeks went by in a flash, and although I got ill and wasn’t able to do half the things I’d planned, simply being around my loved ones was more than enough to make my trip a fantastic one. I hadn’t felt so relaxed and carefree in what felt like the longest of time.

I spent most of my time in my home parish (St. Elizabeth), just enjoying the company of my family and hanging out with some friends. Being able to once again wake up to the smell of my mother’s breakfast, to hear “dinner’s ready” in the evenings, and to see my dad bringing in my almost daily supply of mangoes and coconut, were some of the most pleasurable things throughout my vacation.

My sister (best friend) and I made a pact some time ago, that we’d explore more of our beautiful country each time both of us were home. This time, we took an impromptu weekend trip to Negril. For our stay, we booked a day and a half at the Traveller’s Beach resort. It’s reasonably priced, and the resort itself is basic, but nicely kept (of course, I forgot to take pictures of the resort). There’s a pool area, and also a bar and restaurant. The food at the restaurant was a bit over priced for the quantity that was given, but the service was pretty good. If we’d known beforehand that the room we booked came with a kitchenette, we’d have probably stacked up on our own food- but that information wasn’t included online. We did however, go out into the town for dinner. The best part of the resort for me, was having easy access to the beautiful beach, which was just a few steps away from our room. We spent most of our time chilling on the beach, and having fun back in our room.

For our second day in Negril, we decided to check out Rick’s Cafe, which was voted the #1 beach bar on Travel Channel. It’s definitely a place to visit, if you’re ever in the area and looking for a chic beach bar, with lots of vibes and great service. The ocean view from the bar is simply breathtaking, and the welcoming atmosphere created at the bar is amazing. Our short trip to Negril was a nice getaway, and we’ll definitely be going back some time in the future to explore much more of the Westmoreland area.

My sister and I had a list of other places we were to visit before I left, but as I mentioned before, I unfortunately got ill and most of our plans got cancelled; but we’ll definitely be picking up where we left off, next time I’m home. If anything, this little trip made me miss home even more, and I for sure, will be going back more frequently. Having grown up in a very tight-knit family, one of the hardest things for me is being away. I talk to my family every single day, but it’s a totally different feeling than being there with them. If you’re living away from home, do you get homesick? How are some of the ways you cope with it? The best thing that works for me is keeping busy, which I won’t have much of a problem with, now that a new semester of school has started.

I didn’t take as much shareable pictures as I could, partly because half the time I forgot (that’s a work in progress😊). I however, managed to put a few pictures together, which I’ve shared below. Go take a look:)  Also, if you’ve read this far, leave a comment sharing where you call home, and what you love best about being there. I’d love to hear!

Road trip, anyone? 
Holland Bamboo (St. Elizabeth)

Rick’s Cafe
Comfortable lounging & dining area  
Grab a bite (the jerk chicken burger was tasty and affordable)
    Hold a drink and enjoy the amazing ocean view
Dance to some live music 
Lounge by the pool
Take a dive

Traveller’s Beach Resort
Come along for a ride
A mermaid in another life 
Water felt even better than it looks

A tropical paradise- there’s truly, no place like home