Dory spotted searching for…hmm, she can’t quite remember

This summer has by far been the most exciting for me, since I’ve been living in Canada. Not only is it the first summer that I have no thoughts of school on my mind, but it’s also the first summer I’ve had my entire family come up for a visit. The moment I found out that they’d all be coming, I got to planning fun stuff for us to do.

Whenever I asked my friends of places they would recommend for a day trip, the Ripley’s Aquarium always came up on the list. I’ve never been a big fan of places where animals have been taken from their natural habitat, and held captivate for human attraction (in case you’re wondering- no, I’m not a Vegetarian; I simply prefer to see animals in their natural environment). However, out of curiosity and wanting to experience it with my family, I planned two destinations that were out of the norm for me; one of which was the Ripley Aquarium of Canada.

Since half my family arrived and left before the rest, I ended up going to the aquarium twice; so, I definitely got more than the full experience. Both visits were quite fascinating to me, mainly because of how well they’ve managed to create a system that allows you to have an open and up-close view of all the beautiful sea creatures. One accommodating feature is the escalator that’s in place, providing the option of not having to walk all the way through the shark zone section ( it’s a bit of a walk, so I definitely took advantage of this).

It was memorizing to see all the different variety of aquatic animals, but honestly, for some reason, I just couldn’t shake a slight uneasiness that came over me- probably because I couldn’t stop wondering about the technicalities behind the whole idea of the aquarium. Can anyone else relate to this??

Don’t get me wrong, the architectural concept of the aquarium is very beautiful, and it’s a popular tourist destination in Downtown, Toronto. If you have no issues with aquariums, it would definitely be a good destination to add to your list, whether for a family/friends day out, solo trip or a date.

Anyway, enough of me sitting here, awkwardly trying to form the right words to explain my mixed feelings about this place. Let’s look at some fishy pictures😉.

Mommy Shark doo doo doo doo doo🎵
Jellyfish! <3
This Jellyfish tank has a colour changing effect that looks very beautiful. The different lights shone on the translucent jellyfish is what gives the apparent colour changes.
Patrick, is that you?

Let me know if you’ve ever been to this or another aquarium, and whether you can relate to my experience. See you soon! xoxo