Toronto Christmas Market

A night filled with festive Christmas lights, the welcoming aroma of cinnamon rolls and other mouth watering goodies, a cup of hot chocolate to nurse in the biting, yet weirdly pleasing sensation of early winter’s night… topped with the never-aging songs that evoke childlike excitement for the Christmas holidays. Yes, if you couldn’t tell, Christmas is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year; and if you can share that sentiment, then you can imagine the dreamy night I had at the Toronto Christmas Market.

It normally doesn’t take much to get me in the Christmas spirit, as some of my most cherished childhood memories are of my family and I dusting off the boxes of Christmas lights and ornaments we had stored away; munching on fruit cake that we’d wash down with a glass (or two) of sorrel, and dancing away to Christmas songs while decorating, not only the large tree we had in our front yard, but also the second tree we kept inside.

This will be my second Christmas spent away from my family, and while I’d much rather be home, I made a silent promise to myself to truly embrace Christmas in the city (plays “Silver Bells”). So, when my friend suggested checking out the Toronto Christmas Market, needless to say, I was all for it.

We went on a Saturday, and as you’d image, the entrance line was super long. Thankfully, one of us thought ahead and got premium passes before hand; so, we got to skip the wait! From the moment we entered the market, I felt like I’d walked into a scene from a Hallmark Christmas movie. The joy that seems to naturally come with the Christmas holidays was palpable in the crowd.

There were lots of vending stalls with a variety of treats and hand-crafted artifacts
This 50 ft Christmas tree was the center of attention
To all the Poutine lovers….I don’t get you

My favourite area was the light tunnel. The countless sparkling lights created such a magical effect, and we ended up having an encounter with a complete stranger that left us with quite an amusingly memorable experience. Although a bit crowded, it was still the perfect spot to get some good photos taken.

With our premium passes, we got access to two lounging areas. The first one we went to was an art gallery. The paintings didn’t exactly suit my taste, but I liked how they complimented the rustic, yet sophisticated vibe of the lounge.

A glass of champagne, anyone?

The other lounge was on the second floor of a store, and had a more relaxing vibe to it. Although we were having a blast, it was definitely nice to escape the cold and simply chill for a bit… plus, we got free hot chocolate!

A bit of adrenaline rush…..

Of course, we couldn’t end the night without taking a ride on the Ferris wheel (I’m still a tad bit embarrassed of my screams)

It’s crazy how fast time flies by when you’re having fun. Before we knew it, it was closing time…but, there was one sign I’d seen on Instagram that we hadn’t gotten around to, and my friend made it his mission to find it before we left.

Which one were you this year?

I’d definitely recommend the Toronto Christmas Market to all the Christmas lovers looking to start the holidays off right…and if you tend to be a Grinch at Christmas, this just might be the place that gets a little Christmas spirit into your soul.

Never lose sight of the true meaning behind Christmas <3

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